Exemplo no. 1

Dear Customer:

Your trust in us is our most valuable asset. This is why your security and that of your personal information are priorities, be it while using our services via the Internet or at an automated teller machine (ATM)

We added an extra layer of security to protect you from Identity theft and Online transfer not initiated by you. So that your Online banking will be fully protected against fraud and Identity theft Kindly Update Your Account For Extra Security, click on the secure link below:


Standard Bank
Customer Care

Exemplo no. 2

Dear Valued Customer ,

We detected irregular activity on your Standard Bank ATM Card (Debit Card) on 11/03/2011.
For your protection, you must update your details before you can continue using your card.
Please use the website in this message below to validate your details on our new server


NB: Process will be completed 8hours after Validation!
P.S. The attachment in this message will be expire within 48 Hours

Exemplo no. 3

From: [email protected]
Subject: Account Status

Dear Customer,
Due to recent activity on your account, we have issued the following security requirements. For your security, we have temporarily prevented access to your account. Chase safeguards your account when there is a possibility that someone other than you tried to sign on. You may be getting this message because you signed in from a different location or device. If this is the case, your access may be restored when you return to your normal sign on method. For immediate access, you are required to follow the intruction below to confirm your account in order to secure your personal account informations.

Click To Confirm Your Account

Regards,Carter Franke
Chief Marketing Officer
CardMember Services